Joy’s Journey, day 9 Bikram and other ‘Insights’ for the Day!

Today I enjoyed a little more time than usual before getting out of bed.  My body needed the additional rest and we had decided to do our Bikram Yoga class at noon, rather than 9 am.  Luckily I looked at my cell phone around 8 am and saw a message from the owner of the yoga studio.  “There are only noon classes on MWF.”

“Oh, Okay”. We quickly adjusted our mindset and our plans and decided to go to the 9 am class.   Isn’t it nice to be flexible in your thinking and in your schedule?

Isn’t it terrific to be your own boss and have flex time to go and workout and do things when you want without asking for time off? or living someone else’s schedule?

I can’t even imagine having a boss other than myself.   Time flexibility is important in my life and has been for decades.

So, one of the ways we enjoy our early morning time is by visualizing, meditating, journal writing and setting the stage for a powerful day.  When we take the time to do those things it ALWAYS helps bring out the best that any day can offer.  We always begin our days with Gratitude as well.  Gratitude IS the best Attitude!

One thing we watched this morning before Bikram was Oprah Winfrey’s inspiring words.  It is worth watching, I guarantee!


Day 9 for me  (Day 2 for Dave)- doing Bikram yoga… so proud I haven’t missed a day since joining.  I’m proud of myself because it takes time and lots of energy to do a 90-min. yoga workout in 105 degree heat…. and have the energy and stamina to go on and also have an impactful day helping others on our team.

Each day, like anything else, seems to get a little easier.  Still hard, because doing it the RIGHT WAY is the challenge.  No short cuts with Bikram and doing it correctly yields the best therapeutic benefits.

Body image….hmmmm, I have to work on this one.  When I had a tight, lean body with 12-17% body fat I was proud to show my mid-section but since menopause I have been embarrassed as I literally grew a ‘men-o-pot’.   I know I need to get over it and will.  I have promised myself…. especially after today, as the cotton tank top that I was wearing was drenched to the core and just weighed me down.

I read in the Bikram book to stay off the scale and I think it is a good idea.  But, you think I listened?  I rarely weigh myself but thought with all the sweating I’d certainly drop at least a pound or two a day.  Not necessarily!  Day 2 I was down 2 lbs.  and then today up 3.  So no scale for me.  I did however try on my one and only pair of jeans that I call my “tester jeans” and noticed that not only can I zip them up, they are ‘wearable’.  Good sign.

My reasons to begin BIKRAM YOGA:   #1 reason is Therapeutic exercise for flexibility and longevity in life.   (avoid injuries and stiffness as I age)

My #2 reason is to get in ‘shape’…. both mentally and physically.  Yes, this means improved focus and drive in life but I really would like to get back to my pre-menopausal size.

Yes, dropping 15 lbs. and leaning out around the belly is HIGH on my list, I won’t lie!  Weight lifting, walking and tennis were not working and I have been nursing a tennis elbow, so I am hoping that Bikram will help heal that injury and prevent others.

Once again, armed with the right tools for getting the best results.  Electrolytes in my cold water to sip on throughout the session, a full Quantum Relief Strip below the belly button.  Those QRS are amazing as they truly do help bring energy to the places needed most in the body.  Don’t know where “those places are”- no worries, the body is intelligent and will attract energy to the parts of the body needed most.  Similar to Reiki energy.




Are you practicing Bikram or are you involved in a form of exercised that is feeding your body and your soul?  If so, I’d love to hear about it.  When we take care of our physical body we also fill up our ’emotional and spiritual’ body which I call the ultimate Self-Care!!!!

Sweat is FAT CRYING.  I feel like I am cleaning out the old and breathing in the new.  Thank God I listened to my body 10 days ago when I heard the ‘whisper’ to do Bikram Yoga.

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Joy Edgerton