Can Changing MLM Companies Be Like a Divorce?

I recently heard the analogy that “Changing MLM Companies Can Be Like a Divorce.”

For those out there who have been divorced, you may know how difficult it can be terminating a relationship,  ESPECIALLY one where you still care for or even love.   But being true to yourself you know that in your heart, that the relationship is no longer the best or healthiest relationship for you to be in and you make the painful change.

The same can apply to loving a company you have been with in the Network Marketing industry, perhaps one you have been in with many years.  At some point, there may be a time that your goals and visions shift, or that you need to make more residual income and you find some other company that is a better fit.

network marketing and work placeThis doesn’t mean that you don’t still love the ‘old company’, or that you don’t still love their products (or even recommend them) or don’t like the corporate staff that was like family….. or your team you developed….it’s just that at this stage in YOUR life you must follow your own path- whatever that looks like and wherever that leads.

I could never understand it when friends got divorced and found they had to split up their mutual friends!  I have seen people take sides and true friendships even completely dissolve.  This happened years ago when my ex-husband and his business partner split ways.  All of a sudden the “other husband” then forbid his wife to continue being my close friend….and the sad thing is she listened to him.  It took me years to get over that feeling of betrayal.decisions-decisions

So why is it that in most any other profession- other than Network Marketing- if you change jobs people wish you well, rather than try to tear you down on your decision?  If you are working as a teacher in a school that is an hour from your home, earning $40,000 a year and get an offer to work for a school 10 minutes from your house earning $62,000 a year what would you do?  You’d probably take the job with higher pay, closer to your home.  How silly would it be to make your friend feel horrible for their decision? or to stop being their friend?divine discontent

One thing I have admired with many friends in Network Marketing is they have built and maintained friendships no matter what company they are with.  This means their lives are RICH in ways due to the sharing of ideas with others, championing their successes and staying in touch with those people you enjoy being with regardless if you are their up-or down line!!!!  Dave and I call them “Hot Tub Friends.”  (People you’d enjoy spending time with in a hot tub, with an adult beverage!)

Now that I have played with this analogy I can see why some people feel like changing companies is like a divorce.  It hurts….and it doesn’t have to.  If you are looking for a new home you can visit or give us a call.  I’d love to add YOUR story to that website as I believe it can help many people in THEIR journey!5I3I6962_pp20x20

Dave and Joy