Quantum Relief Strips- Quantum Energy to Balance Your Body

How do you spell relief?  No, not the commercial for Rolaids from the 1960s.  You spell RELIEF Q-R-S” which stands for Quantum Relief Strips….exclusive from Tavala.

The idea of an energy-driven life force in the body, or Chi, has been around since the ancient Chinese. The basic idea is that Chi helps the body with its natural functions – things like blood flow, digestion, body heat, and your immune system. So in essence, healthy Chi equals healthy body.

There are lots of things out there that can hurt your Chi, and thus, your body – things like pain, sickness, and stress. When those inevitable things happen in our lives, Quantum Relief Strips are here to help heal your Chi.

How do they do this?

Since Chi is energy-driven, you need energy to to heal it.

That’s why in our Quantum Relief Strips we use a mineral called tourmaline, one of the most energy-conductive crystals on earth.

We charge these crystals with energy and they release that energy into your body when the strip is applied, replenishing your Chi in areas where the energy has been depleted.

  Dr. Min Soo Kim’s latest version is helping people world-wide  They are effective, they adhere well and are effective for up to 48 hours.  Yes, you can get them wet, showering with them or even doing pool therapy or swimming will not affect the effectiveness or cause them to fall off.

The Quantum Relief Strips are OUR “go-to” product.  When we want positive CHI or ENERGY we simply apply the Strip to where we feel we need or want energy.

Our body is intelligent.  Give it what it needs and it will balance itself out beautifully.  MANY health care practitioners, like Reiki Energy Healers, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Drs. of Oriental Medicine and Massage Therapists find adding the QRS to their practice helps their clients stay healthy and balanced in between sessions.

If you want to bring POSITIVE ENERGY & LOVE to your body, try the Quantum Relief Strips.  I’m quite sure you enjoy the balance and energy!  A month supply costs less than an hour massage- only $64.99, whether you are a customer or a member.

Have questions?  Give us a call.  We have years of experience with Dr. Min Soo Kim’s Quantum Strips and the Quantum Relief Strips is his latest technology and in my opinion, superior to his first.

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