Special Promotion for Dave and Joy’s Tavala Team 2/14-3/13 2018

Last week Tavala launched a brand-new promotion for NEW Tavala Members, called the “Race to Palladium.”

All new members who join Tavala from February 6th, 2018 onward who reach the level of Palladium within their first 28 days will receive their choice of a Apple Ipad 32 GB with Wifi, Apple Homepod, or Apple TV 4K plus AirPods. 

At this level it unleashes the $350 Lifestyle bonus and also qualifies you to earn a free 7-Day Caribbean for 2… and best of all- it gets your business off to a FAST START!

We were excited at this announcement but knew it left our existing members out of the contest and we felt they deserved an incentive as well.

 Dave and I wanted to give everyone on our team who has been a member PRIOR to the 6th of February the same reward…..We thought it was only fair that they TOO can qualify to win an incredible prize by reaching Palladium in the next 28-days. (thus, the 4-week blitz) 

So what did we do? 

We opened up the contest which Tavala calls “Race to Palladium” to what WE call “The 4-week Blitz to Palladium” to our entire Tavala team giving them the same chance to win prizes, only WE’LL buy the prizes! 

With the help of leaders on our team we have spread the word and expect the next 4 weeks to be one of the strongest in our Tavala Team history.

If you are anywhere in our down line organization (on Dave and Joy’s Tavala Team) you can qualify.  This is available for anyone who has never reached Palladium before.  If you are unqualified make sure you become active today by placing your order (30DC or greater).  A box of TRIM alone can qualify you.  Then make sure your subscription order of a minimum of 30 DC also runs by or before March 13th.) BAM!

TEAM MATTERS!   Join the team that changes lives and will support you to new heights…oh and a team that exudes FUN!

We look forward to purchasing dozens & dozens of iPads for our incredible team members that qualify in the next 4 weeks.  (or their choice of prizes!) 

What are YOU going to choose?

We’d love to hear from you.  Give us a call 802-846-7530 or email us at info@DaveandJoy.com 

Dave and Joy/Global Leaders with Tavala




How Dave and Joy Met…..

Many people have come to know us as “Dave and Joy” based on our business www.WorkWithDaveandJoy.com

But have you ever wondered how we met and how we developed into leaders in Network Marketing?

The story begins with us back in 2007 when we were both living in Arizona.  We were entrepreneurs working in the industry of Network Marketing/Direct Sales, but in different companies AND we were both entrepreneurial and working from home.

Although I didn’t think I’d ever want to work with a ‘partner’ or spouse in business, we found working together was so easy for us and that our skills compliment on another….and they did from Day 1.

We met on January 5, 2007 through Match.com  www.Match.com

Here is our story on how we met: https://youtu.be/T7ySwGKjW7M

Flash forward to June 22, 2014, we got married on the beach in Naples, Florida and today, 2018 are enjoying life together…..and plan to be Valentine’s and partners in life/business from now on.

I include Beverly Brooke Peterson in this picture as she officiated our wedding AND was the friend who reminded me when I first met Dave, that he was the PERFECT partner for me!

What a fun journey it has been!  We look forward to many more decades together- making a difference together in the lives of everyone we meet and with everyone who crosses our path. 

Dave and Joy