Quantum Relief Strips help me during pregnancy and childbirth…

Here’s a wonderful Quantum Relief Testimonial from a happy customer…. 

“This is my second pregnancy and my body began to expand faster in growth than my first pregnancy.  Most of my friends experienced the same thing so I wasn’t surprised but as a result I often had discomfort with rapid changes.

I wear the Quantum Relief Strips in many different areas and they have helped with nauseous, with back and hip discomfort as well as for ‘braxton hicks’ contractions. 

I can’t imagine being without them, especially as I prepare for actual childbirth which could happen any day now.  Luckily my mother in law keeps us well supplied.  (Heck they even work for my husband when he tweaks his back or has shoulder tension, as well as our 3 year old daughter when she hurts herself.)

I used a similar product with the birth of my first baby- made by the same Dr. who makes the QR Strips, so I had confidence in the Tavala brand.  Besides, I have experienced that they are more effective AND they adhere 100% better than the other model of strip. 

I am sold and believe every ‘momma’ should have access to these strips.  I have shared with other friends as well as my mid-wives and doula so I’ll probably be able to share more testimonials in the months to come.  I’ll certainly share my testimonial with how they work for labor!  Wish me good luck.”  B.B.G.

The strips are made on synthetic silk and the only ingredients are Quantum Energy, Tourmaline and Ginger. Click here for details on the QRS.   QRS Product Information

disclaimer:  If you or anyone know are looking to use the Quantum Relief Strips and are pregnant make sure you speak with your doctor or obstetrician.  This is a customers personal testimonial and though we know many other women who have enjoyed them during their pregnancy and labor, always check with your professional who you are working with!

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