Dr. Min Soo Kim introduces his next Generation Strip!

This is exciting news…..  We had to keep this conversation under wraps for 5 plus months…..  but now the cat is out of the bag!

Dr. Min Soo Kim is now sharing his Next-Generation  Health Solution called Quantum Relief Strips!

The strips are exclusive to Tavala, a network marketing company based in American Fork, Utah.  Tavala has the world wide exclusive on Dr. Kim’s Strips .  That’s a good thing because the company is expanding beyond the USA boarder this month.

These are the NEXT Generation….  made with a synthetic silk and tourmaline to hold the Quantum Energy longer.  You do NOT need to keep these strips in mylar bags!

There is no smell to these strips where his original version did have, for some, a strong ginseng smell.

Not only do these strip work better, they work 4-5 times better.  Additionally, the adhesive on the QR Strips stay on thru a couple of tub baths, snorkeling etc.

Want to be part of Dr Kim’s Next Generation Strips?  Want to find out if we are in your  country or going there soon?  Just ask!


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