Right in Front of You…..

Right in Front of You- A Case of the Obvious!

Have you ever realized that often times (if not all the times) what you need or want is right in front of you?  You may have missed the clue or sign… and perhaps it was even presented many times.

Begin to stop and listen and be aware that the Universe DOES indeed provide what we desire, need or focus on that is for our highest good!

I love this story that was dated July 27th…in Alan Cohen’s book “A Deep Breath of LIFE”.

While Frank Baum was writing his classic series of children’s fantasy books, he had not yet chosen a name of the kingdom in which his characters would play out their adventures.  As Baum was sitting with a friend in his office, the fellow asked, “What is the name of the land that will be the setting for your books?”   The author shifted his eyes as he pondered, and his vision fell upon his file cabinet, in particular the drawer labeled “O-Z.”

While we may search high and low for an answer to our need, sometimes it is right in front of us.  Hilda used to say, “Take whatcha got and make whatcha want.”  Life is not a mystery to be solved; it is a game to be played.  Rather than spending a lot of energy hunting and pecking, we sometimes do better to just take what is before us and use it to our advantage.

Many of us have been taught that the best solution is the most complicated one.  We believe that we must strive and strain and pay a high cost for what we want.  But often the reverse is the case:  The simplest answer is the one that will work best.  God does not play hide-and-seek.  The truth is simple, it is obvious, and it works.

Bless the simple things in your world.  Appreciate your friends for the simple gifts they offer you.  Rather than seeking to replace what you have, look for ways that you may more fully tap into the gifts that you have been given.  You are already rich.

“Show me the good I already possess.”

Everything I need comes to me at the perfect time in the perfect way!     Alan Cohen- from his book “A Deep Breath of LIFE”

I was inspired by this ‘passage’ that I read today and can certainly apply it to my life.  Eight months ago we were presented with a business opportunity- it was obvious, right in front of us and thankfully we were open, ready and had just prayed that very day for GOD to show us the next thing.  How could we say NO when it was the absolute obvious move for our lives and business?

Since that time, Dave and I remind one another to always walk through the next open and obvious door.

What are you hoping for?  What is your next step in fulfilling your life dreams?  Pay attention to all clues, signs and people….it may just lead you to your dream life.

In our case it was being led to TAVALA.

We’d love to hear from you and if you love daily inspirations, check out Alan Cohen’s book.

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