How Do You Spell Relief? Quantum Relief Strips: Sweet Relief




How many of you remember the term “HOW DO YOU SPELL RELIEF”? and what did you answer without even thinking of it….R O L A I D S, of course!

Well, today, 2017 you can ask the same question and many people will spell “Q R S.”

What the heck does QRS stand for? Quantum Relief Strips

The Quantum Relief Strips are a topical ‘strip/patch’ that offers quantum energy to your body.  (Simply put it where it hurts….or where you want to bring energy!)   The QR Strips improve your chi or energy, balances the body’s energy, and in this context….offers comfort to the parts of your body that ‘hurt’ or need ‘love’.  Developed by a prominent Doctor in South Korea, Dr. Min Soo Kim, they are now becoming a GO-TO product for natural energy/healing and the relief of discomfort.  Dr. Kim claims that this ‘next generation’ strip is 5X more effective than his original strip that he created back in 2012.


In Eastern medicine Quantum Energy “CHI” is a common word.  Think of Qi Gong, for example.  Even the famous “Dr Oz” that many of us know from TV talks about Energy Medicine. For many people finding a healthy and non-medicinal-pharmaceutical option for improved health and well-being, not to mention pain management, is important.  Too many people on pharmaceuticals get addicted to medications that cause harm on many levels.  To experience this NEW OPTION for health, go to  Each Strip is good for 48 hours, thus a pack of 14 Strips = a 28 day supply.  For assistance with the right pack, or how to get the best results for you, email us at or call us at 802-846-7530.

Dave and Joy/Global Leaders with Tavala



NEW MyPlankton Tonic

Have you ever fallen in love with a product and then had it disappear from sight or taken off the market with no warning?  What if this happened to be a product that you marketed and not only relied on for your customers, but for your pay check?  That happened to me over 9 months ago.

My emotions varied depending on the day.  For myself personally I was SAD as it had been a go-go product for me and my family for over 10-years.  I used to call it my ‘insurance policy’.

Then when I began getting calls from former customers or team members…. that is when I got MAD.  How can people sustain a business if a product is no longer available?  And what can I now recommend to them in replacement?  I care about my customers and it had nothing to do with benefiting financially- I wanted a replacement product that I could get behind and recommend….on their behalf.

Many of my customers and people who called me are senior citizens and many do not have or use a computer and thus cannot research on the internet.

Many customers do not even know how to research health products so I set out to personally see if there was a product that might be new to the market and as faith would have it, around that same time a friend told me about MyPlankton.TM

Long story short…with some magical timing and a little sleuth work I found what I believe to be as good, if not better a product.   It’s a Marine Phytoplankton Tonic and is called MYPLANKTON.TM

Thanks to an entrepreneur in Australia, Cindy Freeman, this product is now available.   To my knowledge it is available in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada….and I predict that the distribution will grow as it becomes more known.

Here I am, enjoying my morning drink of this new tonic….

Rather than taking my word for it. visit and read the literature that is available on MyPlankton.TM    It’s very educational and easy to read.

You can order direct off the website or contact Cindy direct.  It is not available through MLM distribution, you simply order direct.   Her Australian phone number is Phone :  +61 417 766 701 and her Email is :

When I find something I enjoy I love to share.

If you are looking for an overall health product that is both a WHOLE FOOD and SUPER FOOD TONIC, this may be the right product for you.    I believe being healthy from the inside out and it begins with cellular health.