KETOPIA made her cry….Really?

KETOPIA made her cry….Really?

too fat  You bet… see my friend had been overweight since the  birth of her baby.

Her ‘baby’ was now 5 years old.  Nothing she  did helped  her budge her 20 excess pounds of fat she gained  during her pregnancy- although she tried many things.  She  wasn’t lazy either.  She bought many of the Beach Body videos, like INSANITY, P90X and Slim in 6….and although she FELT better, the inches and pounds stayed on her body like super glue!

She tried Weight Watches- and in 4 weeks dropped a whopping 3 pounds.  How frustrating AND expensive!!!!!  She tried Jenny Craig– have you seen the cost of THAT program????  Costly and restrictive…..not her style either.  Then she began some crazy diets that included a combo of the 5 Bite Diet….which if you can believe, says your meals consist of only 5 BITES- literally, and even recommended Snickers Bars as an option.   By the way, that IS a book, and written by a medical doctor. Really? Yup!

As you can see- when people want to lose weight they will try ANYTHING…

…even things that are not sensible or healthy.  At one time in my life I worked for a weight loss Dr. who had a long line of people coming to his office in Arizona every Monday to get weighed….  and you know WHY they came to get weighed?  Because if they did he would fill their DIET PILL prescription.   Ahhhhh, the little miracle pill that you take, while continuing the same life style and nutrition that put you where you are today- overweight….overfat and very, very sad!  I should have known it was unhealthy as I was required to do an EKG on new patients to make sure they could qualify for this “pill”.

So…..why did Ketopia make my friend CRY?  Day 1, she stepped on the scale- and weighed herself.




It had been awhile and she weighed even more than she thought…..but she was determined to give the 10-Day KETOPIA RESET a full 10 Day try!  Ketopia is different- it is NOT a diet, rather a program that literally puts your body into a natural and healthy state of Ketosis where your body uses your STORED FAT for fuel, rather than SUGARS and CARBOHYDRATES.   Normally it takes days to weeks to get into ketosis and yet with Ketopia you can get there within hours!  Using a state of the art, scientifically proven (and patented) system that includes a KetonX drink, Dough bites, and FIXX shake.  For more information on Ketopia go to

So my friend cried on Day 1 in the morning before starting her KETOPIA program…..and she cruised through the day with an abundance of energy and clarity….with zero hunger.  Like other times, she was 100% compliant in following the program.

Day 2 my friend stepped on the scale and had dropped 4 POUNDS….. Really?  Not only did she lose 4 pounds- but it was bloat fat/weight and clothes that were very snug the day before actually felt comfortable!  Really?

Day 3 she dropped another 2 pounds and it continued miraculously….throughout her 10 day program By day 10 she stepped on the scale- had dropped 14 pounds and CRIED for 5 minutes straight.  She was SO HAPPY with her results.

Then she called me…it was Day 11 and she CRIED again.  Really?  Does Ketopia really make people cry?  Here is why she cried this time.  She had run out of Ketopia.  Although I had told her, as I do everyone who buys Ketopia and has 10 or more pounds to lose- “make sure you have a minimum of 2 10-Day packs as you will NOT want to run out!”

There is a lesson here…..if you buy KETOPIA, make sure you are well supplied.

She is now waiting for her next shipment of the KETOPIA (2 10-Day Reset packs) and I believe she will reach her goal weight loss of 25 pounds in that time.  Imagine trying many things for 5 years straight and then discovering Ketopia and dropping the weight- losing FAT, gaining more energy and mental clarity!

Where NOTHING had worked in the past- Ketopia did!

Burn the Fat





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