Quantum Relief Strips- NEW * from TAVALA

Quantum Relief Strips- NEW * from TAVALA

What’s new on the market?  For those who are familiar with an all-natural STRIP  created by a South Korean Doctor, you’ll be excited to hear that a company called Tavala just launched a new version of a STRIP called Quantum Relief Strips which many are claiming is 5 times more effective than any strip product in this category in the past.


If you desire more BALANCE, ENERGY in your body, and want to balance your body including your Chakras, the Quantum Relief Strips are for you.  There are many amazing benefits that are derived once your body is in optimal balance and your energy is restored.

chakra-balanceThe Quantum Relief Strips are ideal for daily use and each strip is effective for 2 days.  A 28-day supply is a pack of 14 Strips.  They are all-natural, made on ‘silk’ and the active ingredient is QUANTUM ENERGY.)

The cost is only $64.95 whether you are a customer or a member and you can order your month supply from www.DaveandJoy.com 

There are many sizes available for the consumer AND for the business builder.  We are currently looking to mentor 2 new leaders on our team this month.  Call us today to see if this is the right fit for you!

Dave and Joy




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