Can TAVALA TRIM Help Lose Weight While on Weight Watchers?

Can TAVALA TRIM Help Lose Weight While on

Weight Watchers?

Years ago, and I mean DECADES ago when I was BACK IN HIGH SCHOOL, my mother was a member of Weight Watchers.  When she needed to drop 5-10 lbs. she would go back, pay the weekly fee until she reached her desired weight and get back on track.    I joined her and became a member when I was a Junior in high school and only told my best friend, Laurie,  as somehow ‘dieting’ seemed too uncool and downright embarrassing.  Actually it wasn’t a diet, rather a sensible way of eating, that has been useful after all these decades leading up to today.

The downside of Weight Watchers for me was ALWAYS thinking about and preparing food.  Measuring and weighing everything and the preoccupation of food! This was way before their point system.  For 6 weeks I didn’t eat or drink a drop or morsel of anything that was not on the program and guess what?  I did lose around 14 lbs. and felt fabulous.  The problem was most of the members DID eat or drink something not on the program and as a result, their weight went up and down each week and rarely did anyone I know reach their goal weight.

Yes, those are the days I had incredible patience with what is required to adhere to a weight loss program – and to think that some weeks I would lose only 1/2 lb. after being 100% compliant and not getting discouraged is beyond my belief!   But slowly, 1/2 lb. here, 2 lbs. there I ended up ‘somehow’ dropping an average of 2.3 lbs. a week over the duration of my Weight Watcher 6 week stint.

Now here is the question….

What if I had TAVALA TRIM to take in conjunction with Weight Watchers?

This is a great question and a reason why I recently reached out to several of my girlfriends who have been on and off of Weight Watchers for years.  I told them of a new product called TAVALA TRIM that helps Boost the Metabolism, Suppress the Appetite, Reduce Cravings, Give added Energy and Focus and Accelerate Weight Loss.  Everyone was open to trying it. 

The results?  A whopping 100% of people fell in love with the TRIM and found that it was a Fabulous addition to their Weight Watcher Plan.  One gal, who shared her difficulty in losing weight, lost 14 lbs. in 3 weeks, another dropped 6 in her first 7-days, versus her typical average weekly weight loss of 1.5 lbs.   Another gals clothes got visibly baggy within 2 weeks just ADDING TAVALA TRIM to her Weight Watcher program.


Now if only I could get a wealthy and famous spokesperson, like Oprah, Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Hudon, tell the world about TRIM more and more people would have a higher success rate like those celebrities did with Weight Watchers.  Problem is we live in a microwave society that wants instant results.  While the TRIM is not a miracle, it sure feels like that to people who have struggled for years with reaching their ideal and healthy weight.

Whether you are on Weight Watchers or on another healthy food plan adding TRIM as a dietary supplement may help you with your weight loss goals.  I’d suggest giving it a try.  To order your 28-day Supply go to     The cost is only $64.99 per supply and comes in both a delicious drink or capsules.  You can order as a retail customer or become a member (for free) and share with others that would like to share with.  The choice is yours.  Same price, 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Why WEIGHT?  What do you have to lose but WEIGHT?  Order yours today and we’ll send you an additional 7-Day Sample for FREE.

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Quick & Easy Weight Loss with Tavala Trim-

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