Natural Solution Now Available for those Living with Pain & Discomfort

Quick question.  Do you know anyone who lives with pain or discomfort?

Would you say it hinders their quality of life?

Prior to the Quantum Relief Strips I really didn’t understand the scope of Chronic PHYSICAL PAIN world-wide. 1.5 Billion people or 20% of the population are living with CHRONIC pain and most have been told that there is no solution.  Also, according to some statistics, the pain relief industry is a $100 billion annual industry and growing.  Among this population are people of all ages- including children up to senior citizens.

Fast forward to Quantum Relief Strips, Dr. Min Soo Kim’s latest version! Now there IS a solution and it is all-natural with no contraindications…

For less than the cost of an hour massage, people in 27 countries now have the Quantum Relief Strips available to them. Easy, Simple, Affordable and they work.

To learn more about HOW and WHY the Quantum Relief Strips work email us at and we’ll share a PDF with you.  Fascinating technology and exclusive only with TAVALA.

How do you use them?  Simply put them ‘where it hurts’ or where you want to bring energy to your body.  


Order yours today– shipments overseas arrive within 3 days. message me for a full document on how and why they work. GREAT info to pass along to those you love and care about who live with discomfort/imbalance and need energy!

Due to the immense interest in the Quantum Relief Strips on a world-wide basis, we are looking for several leaders who’d like to open new markets around the globe.  Huge opportunity for leaders who are ‘hungry’ and self-motivated.  Please inquire to see if this is a good fit for you.  Confidential conversations promised….

Dave and Joy/ Global Leaders with TAVALA


What are the Ingredients in the Quantum Relief Strips from Tavala?

What are the Ingredients in the

Quantum Relief Strips from Tavala?

To say I am excited is an understatement.  Tavala recently released a new game-changer in the WELLNESS MARKET!  Quantum Relief Strips.

More and more people are understanding that EVERYTHING is ENERGY!  Now there is a product to support POSITIVE ENERGY in our bodies on a daily basis.

What are Quantum Relief Strips?

Quantum Relief Strips bring energy to the body where the strip is applied, and these strips balance
the energy in the body and relieves negative energy. These silk strips contain no ingredients other than Quantum Energy, so there are no unpleasant smells or odors to deal with.

The Quantum Relief Strips are developed by a renowned doctor in Korea, and these exclusive and patented strips are to be applied to the area where Quantum Relief is wanted.  The “QR Strips” (as I often call them)  balance the energy in that area, and are effective for two days.

So, what makes the Strips so magical and effective?  What is IN/ON the Quantum Relief Strips? 

Active Ingredients: Quantum Energy, Ginger, Tourmaline
Inactive Ingredients: Silk, Adhesive
Recommended for adults 18+ years old.

                    (As a parent or grandparent, we get to choose if we feel these are right for the younger family members.)

Directions for use:

Apply the Quantum Relief Strip to area where Quantum Relief is wanted.
Each Strip is effective for two days.

To summarize, The Benefits of the  Quantum Relief Strips:

  • Balance Energy
  • Brings Energy to problem areas
  • Relieves Negative Energy
  • Works with the Body’s CHI
  • Made of Energized Silk Strips

The human body is made up of a series of electrical impulses. Everything we do, every word we hear, every movement we make, has an electrical signal and energy associated with it.
Quantum Relief Strips are a method of natural energy that works with the chi in the body to
promote optimal wellness. Once you experience it, you’ll know that Quantum Relief Strips, by Tavala, are what you’ve been waiting for.

The cost of the Quantum Relief Strips are only $64.99 for members & customers!  There are several size packs available. Tavala offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products, including the Quantum Relief Strips.


We are actively looking for people who UNDERSTAND & are passionate about this product and want to build an international organization.

Please call us today to see if this opportunity is right for you!  802-846-7530

Dave and Joy    802-846-7530