Natural Solution Now Available for those Living with Pain & Discomfort

Quick question.  Do you know anyone who lives with pain or discomfort?

Would you say it hinders their quality of life?

Prior to the Quantum Relief Strips I really didn’t understand the scope of Chronic PHYSICAL PAIN world-wide. 1.5 Billion people or 20% of the population are living with CHRONIC pain and most have been told that there is no solution.  Also, according to some statistics, the pain relief industry is a $100 billion annual industry and growing.  Among this population are people of all ages- including children up to senior citizens.

Fast forward to Quantum Relief Strips, Dr. Min Soo Kim’s latest version! Now there IS a solution and it is all-natural with no contraindications…

For less than the cost of an hour massage, people in 27 countries now have the Quantum Relief Strips available to them. Easy, Simple, Affordable and they work.

To learn more about HOW and WHY the Quantum Relief Strips work email us at and we’ll share a PDF with you.  Fascinating technology and exclusive only with TAVALA.

How do you use them?  Simply put them ‘where it hurts’ or where you want to bring energy to your body.  


Order yours today– shipments overseas arrive within 3 days. message me for a full document on how and why they work. GREAT info to pass along to those you love and care about who live with discomfort/imbalance and need energy!

Due to the immense interest in the Quantum Relief Strips on a world-wide basis, we are looking for several leaders who’d like to open new markets around the globe.  Huge opportunity for leaders who are ‘hungry’ and self-motivated.  Please inquire to see if this is a good fit for you.  Confidential conversations promised….

Dave and Joy/ Global Leaders with TAVALA


Instructions on How to use the PowerStrips by FG Xpress

 How to use the PowerStrips by FG Xpress

There is so much excitement surrounding a new product called PowerStrips by FG Xpress.

The PowerStrips,  listed in July, 2013 by the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device for Pain Relief  and the Look and Feel of the Skin, is catching the attention of not only consumers who are looking for a natural remedy for pain relief- but also health care professionals and wellness enthusiasts who want to help their clients/patients.

 Cutting the PowerStrips into Different Size “Strips”:

Many people experience a relief in pain using a full PowerStrip, while others enjoy cutting theirs in several “strips” to apply in different areas.  As with any product- you will want to experiment with what works best for you.

When you open the package of PowerStrips you will smell the unique aroma of the PowerStrips.  Each PowerStrip, approximately the size of an index card, is applied on or near the site you are experiencing pain.  As mentioned above, many people have found that using one PowerStrip cut in many sizes works best for their body and pain relief, while others find using a full PowerStrip near the sight of pain helps them best.  One package of 15 PowerStrips (often called the sample pack) is generally a month supply for the average person.



For best results use as directed.  If the PowerStrip gets wet the Germanium (Element responsible for the far-infrared technology) loses its effectiveness so we suggest removing before bathing and re-applying using surgical tape, if needed.  Some people who have more oily skin find they may need this additional adhesive if reapplying the PowerStrip, while others experience it holding strong 48 hours straight and having to literally peel them off the skin.  Because the PowerStrips are water soluble (unlike most “patches” ) people are not experiencing  issues with irritation on their skin.


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FG Xpress

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Power Strips

Dave DeBerardinis
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PowerStrips by FG Xpress

PowerStrips by FG Xpress

PowerStrips by FG Xpress

PowerStrips by FG Xpress

PowerStrips by FG Xpress

PowerStrips by FG Xpress


Power Strips for Energy

Power Strips for Energy

There has been a lot of interest regarding a new product on the market called (FG Xpress) Power Strips. Initially the majority of people began using the power strips for pain relief, but soon discovered that the patches also increased their energy and overall well-being.

Power Strips are a patented transdermal patch fusing wave energy and ancient herbs.  One Power Strip!  Three Technologies!  The water soluable adhesive delivery is safe, natural and widely recognized in the medical community and consists in a proprietary blend of herbs in a base of minerals and marine phytoplankton.

 How to Apply your Power Strips

power strips
Select a reasonably hair-free application.  Peel off one side of the backing and apply sticky side of the patch to the skin.  Press sticky side on the skin, and smooth down.  Remove the other piece of backing continue to smooth down onto the skin.  Leave in place for up to 1-2 days and discard each strip when finished.

 The Power Strip is meant for external use only. 

For best results avoid the knees, elbow, skin folds, scar tissue, burned or irritated areas.  Do not use on the face, on rashes; wounds or damaged skin.

Keep patch sealed in shipping bag, use one patch at a time.  Avoid storing product in direct sunlight.  Protect product from excessive moisture and store at 68-77 degrees F (20-25 C)

After you remove your Power Strip your skin may feel warm and appear red.  This is normal.  The redness will disappear in a short time.  Those with Dermatitis of other skin conditions should consult with their physician before using.

power stripsAs with any health related product remember your body is as unique and individual as you are.  The FG Xpress Power Strips will address PAIN if you are experiencing pain, but also may work for you in additional ways besides an increase of energy, well-being and balance.  Try for yourself! Ancient technology meets modern science= health.

Remember health is a habit and not an event.  Using Power Strips on a daily basis is like adding a deposit to your health bank account each and every day.


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Dave DeBerardinis

Joy Edgerton


Skype:  dave.deberardinis


power strips

power strips

power strips