Quantum Relief Strips help me during pregnancy and childbirth…

Here’s a wonderful Quantum Relief Testimonial from a happy customer…. 

“This is my second pregnancy and my body began to expand faster in growth than my first pregnancy.  Most of my friends experienced the same thing so I wasn’t surprised but as a result I often had discomfort with rapid changes.

I wear the Quantum Relief Strips in many different areas and they have helped with nauseous, with back and hip discomfort as well as for ‘braxton hicks’ contractions. 

I can’t imagine being without them, especially as I prepare for actual childbirth which could happen any day now.  Luckily my mother in law keeps us well supplied.  (Heck they even work for my husband when he tweaks his back or has shoulder tension, as well as our 3 year old daughter when she hurts herself.)

I used a similar product with the birth of my first baby- made by the same Dr. who makes the QR Strips, so I had confidence in the Tavala brand.  Besides, I have experienced that they are more effective AND they adhere 100% better than the other model of strip. 

I am sold and believe every ‘momma’ should have access to these strips.  I have shared with other friends as well as my mid-wives and doula so I’ll probably be able to share more testimonials in the months to come.  I’ll certainly share my testimonial with how they work for labor!  Wish me good luck.”  B.B.G.

The strips are made on synthetic silk and the only ingredients are Quantum Energy, Tourmaline and Ginger. Click here for details on the QRS.   QRS Product Information

disclaimer:  If you or anyone know are looking to use the Quantum Relief Strips and are pregnant make sure you speak with your doctor or obstetrician.  This is a customers personal testimonial and though we know many other women who have enjoyed them during their pregnancy and labor, always check with your professional who you are working with!

To learn more about the Quantum Relief Strips or Tavala visit www.DaveandJoy.com or give us a call.  802-846-7530.  Info@DaveandJoy.com      

We are very passionate about this product and are looking for leaders to join our team and help expand them into the world.  We are already in over 25 countries…and growing!  We look forward to your call or referral of people who may be interested.  Thank you in advance.

Dave and Joy/Global Leaders with Tavala




When is it time to switch MLM companies?

  Do you know when is it time to switch MLM Companies?

Well, the short answer is, there is really no good time.  We found that we stayed a year or 2 longer than we should at our last company.  It just creeps up on you, we all can become complacent and used to the way things are.  Even if they stink!  We started saying, “It’s does stink that bad!”  What the hell happened to us?

 First signs

Here’s a couple of ways to begin realizing things are not working as good as they could be:

  1.  Your down line is stagnant.  Very few or “0” are moving forward, breaking ranks.
  2. Fewer and fewer people are showing up to your “Team” calls or webinars.  Many times its the same few people, who aren’t getting great results, but want to feel the team vibe.
  3. You’re having to run interference between your team and the corporate staff!  (your Team already gets it)
  4. Your check is going down due to nothing you’ve done!  We stayed a year plus longer cause we kept listening to the company, we call it drinking the Kool-Aid and not seeing what was happening.  We saw it, but were not responding to what was “real” only what we thought or were told was real.

These are all key areas that show up slowly, and lull us to sleep.

How it used to be!

Here is a short list of how it felt and your results when it was rolling!

  1.  We were having fun!  It didn’t matter how late it was our how many hours we worked  !
  2.  Our checks were going up every week !
  3.  Excitement was in the air and had the Team excited !
  4.  Great numbers and passion on the team calls !
  5.  A feeling of invincibility !
  6.  There were no excuses from corporate!

We get it, you likely know all this.  We’re not telling you something you don’t know, we’re just trying to nudge you out of a slumber and rekindle your passion and love for this industry or at least for the people you have helped.  You team is still looking toward you for the next step!

Leaders go first (Leaders may eat last, but we always go first!)  Time to make another scary decision, just like when you joined your last company….  there was at least some uncertainty, a stepping into the unknown.  And there was excitement!

Here’s the overview of what we found

If you’re a proven leader in this industry and are beginning to feel, “what else is available out there to have your teams grow?”

Products that people feel quickly (and that share easily)
No enrollment fees
No required autoship
Same price for members as customers
Getting paid more on customers
Super strong compensation plan (Uni-level) with 4 weeks bonuses from $350 up to $2000
Rank advance bonuses from $10k to $1,000,000

There’s more, but all of this doesn’t matter if shifting your company hasn’t crossed your mind.  I didn’t say shifting your course, because you have the same course (success, helping others, making a difference, and making great money) but simply shifting the company you keep!

Is it time to have fun and make money again?

For a confidential conversation, between you and Joy & I, reach out to Info@daveandjoy.com 

802-846-7530  home
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How Do You Spell Relief? Quantum Relief Strips: Sweet Relief




How many of you remember the term “HOW DO YOU SPELL RELIEF”? and what did you answer without even thinking of it….R O L A I D S, of course!

Well, today, 2017 you can ask the same question and many people will spell “Q R S.”

What the heck does QRS stand for? Quantum Relief Strips

The Quantum Relief Strips are a topical ‘strip/patch’ that offers quantum energy to your body.  (Simply put it where it hurts….or where you want to bring energy!)   The QR Strips improve your chi or energy, balances the body’s energy, and in this context….offers comfort to the parts of your body that ‘hurt’ or need ‘love’.  Developed by a prominent Doctor in South Korea, Dr. Min Soo Kim, they are now becoming a GO-TO product for natural energy/healing and the relief of discomfort.  Dr. Kim claims that this ‘next generation’ strip is 5X more effective than his original strip that he created back in 2012.


In Eastern medicine Quantum Energy “CHI” is a common word.  Think of Qi Gong, for example.  Even the famous “Dr Oz” that many of us know from TV talks about Energy Medicine. For many people finding a healthy and non-medicinal-pharmaceutical option for improved health and well-being, not to mention pain management, is important.  Too many people on pharmaceuticals get addicted to medications that cause harm on many levels.  To experience this NEW OPTION for health, go to www.DaveandJoy.com.  Each Strip is good for 48 hours, thus a pack of 14 Strips = a 28 day supply.  For assistance with the right pack, or how to get the best results for you, email us at info@DaveandJoy.com or call us at 802-846-7530.

Dave and Joy/Global Leaders with Tavala