Quantum Relief Strips Testimonials

Have you heard of the Quantum Relief Strips? If not, let this enlighten you to the value of the “Quantum Relief Strips for overall health”!   I have literally hundreds of testimonials and have included several below that I recently received by email.

The Quantum Relief Strips are Dr. Min Soo Kim’s LATEST version of Strip that brings energy to the body!

Put them where it hurts…. or where you want positive energy.



“I had a frozen shoulder and couldn’t raise it above my head for over a year.  It was painful.  I always sensed it was blocked energy but how do you prove that?  However, I proved it.  my husband put a Quantum Strip on my ‘trap area’ and I woke up the next day and my range of motion was 100% better.  I’m a believer and so is my physical therapist”.  D.E.

“I accidentally slammed my finger in the door and my nail broke from the nail bed. It was the most painful thing I ever felt. I placed a band aid around it. Then  I cut my Quantum Relief Strip to the size of my finger and placed it around my finger and in less than 5 minutes, I got relief. Thanks, Tavala.” M.F.

“From a chiropractor I recently shared the Quantum Relief Strips with- uhm…. I can dorsiflex my toe for the first time in years. need to learn more. I’m shocked.”. R.S.

“I placed a small strip on my hand and knee – I felt a bruise coming on as I had fell the other day. I am an arts educator constantly dancing constantly moving no matter what kind of discomfort I have! I wore the strips for two days and I am feeling so much better! My knee feels amazing! My hand is still a little sore to the touch! Dance and injuries are pretty much a given this product can change that!” D.W.

“I have a happy hip!  I unfortunately suffer from occasional sciatic pain. Since a friend gave me samples of the Quantum Relief Strips I put a strip on my hip, on Saturday afternoon, it has been so comfy! I would love one extra-large strip to put from hip to hip!”  A.B.

“Never did I think I would be writing a testimony of this kind. On the weekend I had a terrible flu, body aches, fever, vomiting, sore throat, cold chills & feeling very Lethargic, I ended up in the ER for fluids due to dehydration. But last night at one point it felt like something was hanging in my throat after I swallowed, it was driving me crazy, I started to have a panic attack. I drank some lemon tea, sprayed some chloroseptic in my throat & sucked on cough drops. NO relief.  So I decided to take a piece of QRS and place it on the outside of my throat.             OMG!!! I was so shocked, not only did the feeling go away, I started to feel moisture in my throat that I was able to swallow. I believed it was dried mucus on my airway and the QRS responded not only as an expectorant, but also an analgesic I fell asleep. THANKS QRS”   Z.S.F.

“I used the Quantum Relief Strips at the first sign of childbirth labor and the pain- especially in my back- subsided dramatically.  It was my second baby and the baby came fast but the pain was greatly reduced due to the strips.  My mid-wives were so impressed they want to have the QR Strips available for all childbirth clients.” B.G.

The Quantum Relief Strips bring positive energy to the body.  Each strip lasts 48 hours and adheres to the skin so can be used on all body parts.  Here are ideas on where you can place the strip to benefit your body.

Balance your Chakras and Chi naturally with the QR Strips.

I’d love to share a full document on the Quantum Relief Strips and have a PDF file on how and why the Quantum Relief Strips work.           Email us and we’ll share with you.  info@DaveandJoy.com or call 802-846-7530.

I also did a You Tube Video A-Z talking about ways the strips helped people in over 50 ways.     https://youtu.be/bzlz6rwWiBo

If you LOVE natural products you’ll want to try the Quantum Relief Strips.  The cost in the USA is only $69.99 for a month supply which is less money than an hour massage.  WOW!

We’d love to hear from you.  Want to have a flourishing business sharing the Quantum Relief Strips and sharing Tavala?

Dave and Joy







Quantum Relief Strips- NEW * from TAVALA

Quantum Relief Strips- NEW * from TAVALA

What’s new on the market?  For those who are familiar with an all-natural STRIP  created by a South Korean Doctor, you’ll be excited to hear that a company called Tavala just launched a new version of a STRIP called Quantum Relief Strips which many are claiming is 5 times more effective than any strip product in this category in the past.


If you desire more BALANCE, ENERGY in your body, and want to balance your body including your Chakras, the Quantum Relief Strips are for you.  There are many amazing benefits that are derived once your body is in optimal balance and your energy is restored.

chakra-balanceThe Quantum Relief Strips are ideal for daily use and each strip is effective for 2 days.  A 28-day supply is a pack of 14 Strips.  They are all-natural, made on ‘silk’ and the active ingredient is QUANTUM ENERGY.)

The cost is only $64.95 whether you are a customer or a member and you can order your month supply from www.DaveandJoy.com 

There are many sizes available for the consumer AND for the business builder.  We are currently looking to mentor 2 new leaders on our team this month.  Call us today to see if this is the right fit for you!

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What are the Ingredients in the Quantum Relief Strips from Tavala?

What are the Ingredients in the

Quantum Relief Strips from Tavala?

To say I am excited is an understatement.  Tavala recently released a new game-changer in the WELLNESS MARKET!  Quantum Relief Strips.

More and more people are understanding that EVERYTHING is ENERGY!  Now there is a product to support POSITIVE ENERGY in our bodies on a daily basis.

What are Quantum Relief Strips?

Quantum Relief Strips bring energy to the body where the strip is applied, and these strips balance
the energy in the body and relieves negative energy. These silk strips contain no ingredients other than Quantum Energy, so there are no unpleasant smells or odors to deal with.

The Quantum Relief Strips are developed by a renowned doctor in Korea, and these exclusive and patented strips are to be applied to the area where Quantum Relief is wanted.  The “QR Strips” (as I often call them)  balance the energy in that area, and are effective for two days.

So, what makes the Strips so magical and effective?  What is IN/ON the Quantum Relief Strips? 

Active Ingredients: Quantum Energy, Ginger, Tourmaline
Inactive Ingredients: Silk, Adhesive
Recommended for adults 18+ years old.

                    (As a parent or grandparent, we get to choose if we feel these are right for the younger family members.)

Directions for use:

Apply the Quantum Relief Strip to area where Quantum Relief is wanted.
Each Strip is effective for two days.

To summarize, The Benefits of the  Quantum Relief Strips:

  • Balance Energy
  • Brings Energy to problem areas
  • Relieves Negative Energy
  • Works with the Body’s CHI
  • Made of Energized Silk Strips

The human body is made up of a series of electrical impulses. Everything we do, every word we hear, every movement we make, has an electrical signal and energy associated with it.
Quantum Relief Strips are a method of natural energy that works with the chi in the body to
promote optimal wellness. Once you experience it, you’ll know that Quantum Relief Strips, by Tavala, are what you’ve been waiting for.

The cost of the Quantum Relief Strips are only $69.99 for members & customers!  There are several size packs available. Tavala offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products, including the Quantum Relief Strips.

ORDER HEREwww.DaveandJoy.com

We are actively looking for people who UNDERSTAND & are passionate about this product and want to build an international organization.

Please call us today to see if this opportunity is right for you!  802-846-7530

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