Joy’s “Experiment” with 2 different QUANTUM ENERGY STRIPS & what she found….

Sometimes it’s important to make a comparison with a product so others can make an educated decision which product is best for them.

Let me share a recent ‘experiment’ I did with 2 different STRIPS, that help with pain/discomfort….and bringing Quantum Energy to parts of the body that need it most.

I have been doing Bikram Yoga for 3 weeks now.  Today is Day 22…. in a row!  I believe in the POWER OF QUANTUM ENERGY…as everything IS energy.  I had heard a friend tell me that when he wears the Strips with Quantum Energy to YOGA that his balance and energy is better.  When you think of it, it makes sense.

The brief 1 minute video below explains how the Quantum Relief Strips work…check it out.

So now you can understand how the STRIPS work, here is my experiment I did in the last two weeks.

I compared two different Strips on the market, from 2 different companies.  Both hold Quantum Energy and both work…. but how do they differ and which one do I feel suits ME better?  That was my experiment.

The real reason I started Bikram Yoga was I had a ‘tennis elbow’ which limited my activities of tennis and weight lifting.  I knew I needed something so I sat quietly and literally asked my BODY and SPIRIT what it needed.  I literally heard BIKRAM YOGA.

Yikes, I didn’t want to hear that as I don’t (or didn’t) like yoga and would NEVER have chosen that on my own….but the voice was a loud whisper that I chose not to ignore.  Now 3 weeks later I am loving my new practice and my tennis elbow discomfort is almost gone!

So, what does this have to do with STRIPS for discomfort?  I began placing the Quantum Relief Strips on my elbow area, cutting each strip in half and placing above and below the elbow joint area.  It really helps with discomfort and inflammation.  In fact, I can not imagine doing Bikram in the beginning without the Strips.  In addition, I placed a half of QRS (Quantum Relief Strip) on my dan tien, just below the belly button.  It is great location as it is an energy source in the body and helps balance the CHI and CHAKRAS. (As I mentioned a friend swore his balance improved in yoga doing this and I needed all the help I could get with MY balance!)

I really believe the Quantum Relief Strips have made a huge difference in the past 3 weeks…and truth be told, the “QRS” (as well as other Strip) are intended to be worn daily for keeping the body healthy, the chi and energy in flow and for ‘health and well-being’.

Last week I stumbled upon a Mylar bag of an older version of a STRIP with Quantum Energy (called the PowerStrip) … it was something I have used in the past before the Quantum Relief Strips were created.  I decided to make a healthy and realistic comparison between the two Strips and to honestly assess which is better for me.

Day 1 using the older Strip version: I placed a half PowerStrip above my elbow and also below my elbow joint.  I also placed half below my belly on the dan tien.  I went to Bikram Yoga.  Now keep in mind, Bikram Yoga is done in a studio that is 105 degree temperature and 40% humidity.

Within 30 minutes of sweating the strip started to peel off.  Luckily due to the sweat, I was able to ‘press it back on’ over and over so that it actually did adhere most of the class.  Each class lasts 90 minutes.  Could I say this actually lasted the full 90 minutes?  I suppose I could, unless some of the active ingredients on the exterior were sweat off, which the way I sweat, is a possibility.  As soon as I left the class and my skin began to cool off, the Strips came off completely.

The half Strip below my belly lasted all day thanks to my waist band of my yoga pants.  When I did remove it, I had a rectangular imprint in that area that looked and felt like a sunburn.  Perhaps the heat of the room ignited the ingredients in the strip? That I don’t know.

A couple of days later I went back to the Quantum Relief Strips and placed them in the same areas on my body.  I went to Bikram Yoga 2 days in a row.   Although the Strips were still adhering in all three areas through two 90-minute classes and 2 showers,  I removed them and applied a new ones.  Each strip is effective for 48- hours.

For me, and this is only a personal observation, but FOR ME the Quantum Relief Strips work better and adhered superior to the PowerStrips.  Are both products good products?  Yes, indeed they are,  but for me and my active lifestyle with Bikram, baths, showers and occasional swimming, the Quantum Relief Strips, hands down, are a better value.  The cost of both products is approximately the same although for the Quantum Relief Strips through TAVALA, the cost for both customers and members is the same.  $64.99.

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Suffering from Chronic Discomfort? Quantum Relief Strips can help!

Are you suffering from chronic discomfort?
Introducing Tavala Quantum Energy Strips, the key to assisting your body in natural relief.

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Are you suffering from chronic discomfort?

       The body needs energy to heal.

That’s why in our Quantum Relief Strips we use a mineral called tourmaline, one of the most energy-conductive crystals on earth.

We charge these crystals with Quantum Energy. They release that energy into your body when the strip is applied, which provides relief to areas of discomfort.

Quantum Relief Strips are the premier Quantum Energy product on the market today….available only through TAVALA.  They are Dr. Min Soo Kim’s latest generation of strip.  5x more powerful than his first version and they adhere 100% better!

Everyone can benefit from using Quantum Relief Strips. Simply use and enjoy the benefits.

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How Many Calories Get Burned During Bikram Yoga?

Today I was curious about how many calories I burn daily doing 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga… so did a little research.  I read several articles and got various numbers so I won’t quote any in particular, but I did like this particular article I read and thought I’d pass it along.   This article is written by Benna Crawford.

Hot yoga classes are hot exercise choices for increasing numbers of fitness buffs. The combination of challenging sequences and serious sweating makes them an attractive option for a weight-loss program.

Bikram yoga is synonymous with the style of yoga practiced in a heated, humidity-controlled studio designed to induce sweating while focusing on a standard asana routine. But weight loss equals calories expended, so it’s worth knowing just how Bikram stacks up against other calorie-burning exercise programs.

Counting Calories

Weight loss follows a simple algorithm: fewer calories consumed than calories expended. The Mayo Clinic points out that each pound is worth about 3,500 calories, so if you carry a calorie deficit of 500 calories a day, you can lose a pound a week.

Burning those calories is where it gets complicated. Aerobic activity that challenges the cardiovascular system is the number one calorie burner.

Low- to moderate-intensity aerobic activity, like most yoga routines, burns a high percentage of fat as fuel. Increase intensity with exercise like sprinting — or a demanding yoga routine — and you draw on greater amounts of carbs and protein for fuel. But high-intensity exercise burns more calories overall, so the tougher your workout, the more you lose. Building muscle mass through strength training also cuts calories because even resting muscle burns fuel for energy.

High-intensity yoga provides a vigorous cardio and resistance workout.

Bikram Protocols

Bikram’s hot yoga requires a series of 26 fixed poses, performed under the guidance of a trained instructor in a heated studio.

The poses are traditional Hatha yoga moves, but the performance is a kind of yoga boot camp. The room is heated to approximately 104 to 105 degrees F with a constant 40-percent humidity. During the 90-minute class, participants typically run through the routine twice. Bikram’s website claims that the heated studios quickly warm muscles and increase flexibility so you can work safely with a greater range of motion. You will sweat, so you will notice a water weight loss which does not translate directly to fat calories burned. But you work hard — a Bikram class is challenging enough to be an aerobic workout — and yoga poses use body weight for resistance, so you do some muscle building and high-intensity calorie burning.

Bikram Calorie Burn

Bikram yoga burns more calories than many other forms of exercise and yoga styles.   According to Everyday Health’s Yoga Calorie Counter, a 160-pound person performing Bikram yoga for one hour uses 726 calories, compared to 508 calories for Ashtanga and Power yoga classes.

Most Bikram classes are 90 minutes, so the calories burned per session are 1,089 for Bikram versus 762 for other intense yogas. The Mayo Clinic calculates the caloric cost to a 160-pound individual for one hour of high-impact aerobics at 533 calories. For singles tennis, the cost is 584 calories, for swimming laps 423 calories and for stair treadmill 657 calories. As a bonus, yoga’s ability to reduce stress and increase fitness improves your chances of sticking to a diet.


Bikram yoga is not for everyone. Hypertension, glaucoma, pregnancy, some forms of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease are all reasons to check in with your doctor before signing up for a hot yoga class.

If you do add Bikram to your calorie-burning strategies, drink plenty of water to counter the effects of vigorous exercise in a hot room. As the exercise boosts your metabolism you sweat more to maintain a healthy core temperature. In a hot studio with other sweaty bodies, your evaporation system has to work harder to release the extra heat. If you experience weakness, fatigue, dizziness or headache in a hot yoga class, you could be in danger of heat exhaustion or heat stroke and you should seek immediate medical attention.                 end of article.

So there you go.  What I gained from this article for ME is Bikram Yoga good for me at this stage in my life.  Today was day 12 doing Bikram in a row.

They say give Bikram 30-days will change your body and 60-days will change your life!  Two weeks ago I was nursing a tennis elbow.  I couldn’t play tennis due to the pain and working out at the gym had its limitations as well.

I sat quietly and asked my body what it needed and heard a rather loud “Whisper” : “Bikram Yoga”.  Really???? I don’t even like yoga.  But I listened and here I am enjoying the many benefits of Bikram Yoga.

Although I have NO IDEA if I have lost a pound on the scale, I do know that already my clothes are fitting better AND my flexibility and balance have improved a lot!

If you are stuck in a fitness routine that may no longer be serving you like I was consider sitting quiet and asking your body what it needs to keep you healthy and fit.  You may be surprised that it is a new exercise program that you never would  have imagined on your own.

Two products that seem to be supporting my new fitness activity are electrolytes to replenish the minerals I lose in sweat, and Quantum Relief Strips for balance, chi, energy to my body.

I’d love to hear from you.  Do YOU like Bikram Yoga?  Have you ever done 30 days in a row?  Did you get fit, more flexible and lose body fat doing Bikram Yoga?

Joy Edgerton


Joy’s Journey- Day 11 Bikram Yoga at 6:30 am? Are you kidding me?

Today is 11 days STRAIGHT that I have been doing Bikram Yoga.  I had plans for the day that would cut into our usual 9 am class, so we decided to get up early and take in a 6:30 am class.

Not a problem for Dave since he is an early riser (4:30-5:30 am) but for me it was a stretch!!!   I don’t know about you but the mornings I ‘have’ to wake up at a certain time with an alarm clock,  I never sleep as well the night before.  I think it is fear that I may over sleep.  So to say I ‘may have got 4 hours of sleep’ is accurate.

Still I am dedicated and committed to do 30 Days straight of Bikram Yoga.  You heard me….30 straight.  I have heard of some people doing that and even knew 1 person who transformed his body from bent over and in back pain to thriving in 30 days!  Cool for someone else but honestly never expected this of me.  But as you may remember, I asked my body what it needed and heard is a loud whisper “Bikram Yoga” and the rest is history.  (Don’t ever ask your body, or your soul/spirit if you don’t plan on listening or going into action!)

I figure if I can do this PHYSICAL CHALLENGE….then I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.

Incidentally what IS my next goal? (aside from surviving and thriving with Bikram for 30 days straight?)

I have heard it been said that a goal should be so big  that it scares you….. and if your WHY doesn’t make you CRY then it’s not BIG ENOUGH!

OK, so here is my goal and it won’t make much sense to anyone unless they are also with TAVALA, the network marketing company Dave and I work with.

My goal is to reach 14 Karat Gold by the beginning of November, 2017, and be the first in the company to reach that level – by or before the leadership Paradise Cruise.  Not only does that double our income we are currently earning (6-figures +) but we would then also receive a $10,000 bonus.  For this to happen we need to bring others on the TEAM up with us and that is the exciting part.  TEAM= Together Everyone Achieves More!

So – how does all of this relate to Bikram Yoga?


When you are disciplined in one area of your life, it passes over to others.  Discipline with Bikram Yoga includes the Body, Mind and the Spirit.  When I am strong in ALL of those areas, I am unstoppable!

Incidentally, the Quantum Relief Strips help with that balance of energy & focus!

Have you ever done 30 days of Bikram Straight?  I’d love to know!  Also What is your GOAL and your WHY?

Joy Edgerton


What is Quantum Healing?

So really what is this Quantum Healing? Does it really work?

Lets begin with what we already know. We are energy !!
Socrates said that energy is separate from matter. He was speaking of our soul. This idea of energy driven life force has been around since the Ancient Chinese.

As a Reiki Master I understand the flow of energy and that we encounter different energies throughout our day that can cause imbalances in our bodies.

If we could all learn to take the 15 minutes a day to ground ourselves,  meditate and pray we would find ourselves in such a better state of well-being.

In this day and age we find ourselves rushing and cramming to get as much in as we can or we are glued to our electronic devices, whether we are gaming, working or communicating- we are disconnected from where we need to be.

I am just as guilty as any and I am always seeking out healthy natural alternatives to healing ourselves. I have always felt that we can heal our own bodies with either herbs, tinctures, essential oils or through prayer and mediation. That was the beginning of my natural path to healing ourselves.

A few years back someone gave me a few crystals and I immediately fell in love with them. I decided that I wanted to share these incredible power little stones with everyone. My husband and I started our own online crystal store.

That opened up a few more doors “obviously” as we introduced our essential oil products infused with crystals. When I was introduced to Reiki it just clicked for me as this was what I had always done without knowing what I was doing.

I love giving and receiving Reiki Healing! It has been a life saver as when I started having “heart” issues Reiki was the only thing that helped. I was going through a very stressful time in my life and the Doctors ran all kinds of tests but there was nothing to find ever. I began to seek out other alternative healing modalities and found Reiki and energy healing. Finally I could breathe again and feel balanced!!

Now finding the time for Reiki sessions can be a challenge and sometimes the cost can interfere with how often we can receive these sessions.   So when I heard about the Quantum Relief Strips I was so excited. They held two of my most favorite things tourmaline and energy! I thought this is awesome!

We live in a time where we are too busy to take the time and these little miracle ‘Band-Aids’ are just perfect! Nobody has to see them, you can put them virtually any place on your body. They have no nasty side effects like NSAIDS, just pure energy healing.

Dr. Min Soo Kim is the inventor of these next generation quantum healing strips.

What are Quantum Relief Strips?

Quantum Relief Strips bring energy to the body where the strip is applied, and these strips balance the energy in the body and relieves negative energy.

These silk strips contain no ingredients other than Quantum Energy, so there are no unpleasant smells or odors to deal with.
And…….The cost of the Quantum Relief Strips are only $64.99 for members & customers! There are several size packs available. Tavala offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products, including the Quantum Relief Strips.

Here are some of the Benefits of the Quantum Relief Strips:
• they Balance Energy
• they bring positive energy to problem areas
• they can remove Negative Energy
• they work with the Body’s CHI
• Made of Energized Silk Strips with tourmaline, ginger and quantum energy

If you would like to join our team as a member or customer contact Connie or Roger at:
403 359 110 (Canada)
Connie & Roger