Quantum Relief Strips help me during pregnancy and childbirth…

Here’s a wonderful Quantum Relief Testimonial from a happy customer…. 

“This is my second pregnancy and my body began to expand faster in growth than my first pregnancy.  Most of my friends experienced the same thing so I wasn’t surprised but as a result I often had discomfort with rapid changes.

I wear the Quantum Relief Strips in many different areas and they have helped with nauseous, with back and hip discomfort as well as for ‘braxton hicks’ contractions. 

I can’t imagine being without them, especially as I prepare for actual childbirth which could happen any day now.  Luckily my mother in law keeps us well supplied.  (Heck they even work for my husband when he tweaks his back or has shoulder tension, as well as our 3 year old daughter when she hurts herself.)

I used a similar product with the birth of my first baby- made by the same Dr. who makes the QR Strips, so I had confidence in the Tavala brand.  Besides, I have experienced that they are more effective AND they adhere 100% better than the other model of strip. 

I am sold and believe every ‘momma’ should have access to these strips.  I have shared with other friends as well as my mid-wives and doula so I’ll probably be able to share more testimonials in the months to come.  I’ll certainly share my testimonial with how they work for labor!  Wish me good luck.”  B.B.G.

The strips are made on synthetic silk and the only ingredients are Quantum Energy, Tourmaline and Ginger. Click here for details on the QRS.   QRS Product Information

disclaimer:  If you or anyone know are looking to use the Quantum Relief Strips and are pregnant make sure you speak with your doctor or obstetrician.  This is a customers personal testimonial and though we know many other women who have enjoyed them during their pregnancy and labor, always check with your professional who you are working with!

To learn more about the Quantum Relief Strips or Tavala visit www.DaveandJoy.com or give us a call.  802-846-7530.  Info@DaveandJoy.com      

We are very passionate about this product and are looking for leaders to join our team and help expand them into the world.  We are already in over 25 countries…and growing!  We look forward to your call or referral of people who may be interested.  Thank you in advance.

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Work with Dave and Joy in the Philippines

This is new news!  We will be launching a new MLM in the Philippines within the next 30 days.  We are already a success in 27 other countries and now we are pleased and honored to bring our team and company to the Philippines!

We are looking for a couple of powerful leaders who have the ability to head up their country for our team.   This is no small  task.  If you have a proven track record or know of someone who does, we would be honored to speak with them.  We are already laying the ground work for the Philippines and require the right people to drive this for themselves, their team and their country.

Here a brief overview of what we offer and a bit about Dave and Joy.

We hope you are intrigued and want to learn more.

We look forward to a conversation with you.

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Meet Cindy Burton- “How God Brought Tavala into my Life!”

Meet Cindy Burton – Thank you, Cindy, for sharing your story on how Tavala and the Tavala Trim came into your life.  It is inspiring and life changing!

                                 In Cindy’s own words!

“Well I finally decided to share my story of how God brought Tavala into my life.

I have lupus which is hard to cope with most days. I was in a very depressed state of mind due to not being able to work any more, not feeling like getting up and doing anything productive, etc. etc.

I found myself sitting in a dark living room just staring and getting more depressed every day. One Sunday I went to church even though I really didn’t want to but that is just what we do. Our pastor spoke about turning over to God the negative things that control our minds and let God handle it.

What controlled my mind at that time was my weight and the way I was feeling all the time. I turned it over to God and asked him to show me and bring me out of this horrible state I was in.

Three days later, Darlene Carson, a long time friend posted a photo of her weight loss on Facebook. I knew in my heart that God just gave me my answer. Darlene had tried twice to get me to try the product and sign up as a member but I told her “NO” (very emphatically).





I joined Tavala and bought the Builder’s Box because that is what Darlene suggested I do. I have lost 38 lbs. since September 9, 2017. I no longer sit in a dark living room all day. I’m not depressed and I’m building a great business that is going to help us financially.  Plus I plan on going on the Tavala cruise in November.

Above is my before/after photo for now. It is changing daily at this point.”

Welcome to Paradise!!!!!

You can join Tavala for FREE!   There is zero cost to become a member and customers and members pay the same low price.

Let Cindy guide you the feeling healthier and happier.  You can reach Cindy at 903-456-0526, by email at cindyb7342@gmail.com or join her team as a customer or member at www.Tavala.biz/cindyburton.

In OUR words:  “We are thrilled to have Cindy on our Tavala Team.  She’s a natural born leader with a big heart to help people.  If you are inspired by her story contact her today.  If you are looking to lose weight, reduce or rid pain, Tavala has products that can help you.”

Reach out to Cindy today!  cindyb7342@gmail.com 

 Dave and Joy/Team Tavala


Quantum Relief Strips Testimonials

Have you heard of the Quantum Relief Strips? If not, let this enlighten you to the value of the “Quantum Relief Strips for overall health”!   I have literally hundreds of testimonials and have included several below that I recently received by email.

The Quantum Relief Strips are Dr. Min Soo Kim’s LATEST version of Strip that brings energy to the body!

Put them where it hurts…. or where you want positive energy.



“I had a frozen shoulder and couldn’t raise it above my head for over a year.  It was painful.  I always sensed it was blocked energy but how do you prove that?  However, I proved it.  my husband put a Quantum Strip on my ‘trap area’ and I woke up the next day and my range of motion was 100% better.  I’m a believer and so is my physical therapist”.  D.E.

“I accidentally slammed my finger in the door and my nail broke from the nail bed. It was the most painful thing I ever felt. I placed a band aid around it. Then  I cut my Quantum Relief Strip to the size of my finger and placed it around my finger and in less than 5 minutes, I got relief. Thanks, Tavala.” M.F.

“From a chiropractor I recently shared the Quantum Relief Strips with- uhm…. I can dorsiflex my toe for the first time in years. need to learn more. I’m shocked.”. R.S.

“I placed a small strip on my hand and knee – I felt a bruise coming on as I had fell the other day. I am an arts educator constantly dancing constantly moving no matter what kind of discomfort I have! I wore the strips for two days and I am feeling so much better! My knee feels amazing! My hand is still a little sore to the touch! Dance and injuries are pretty much a given this product can change that!” D.W.

“I have a happy hip!  I unfortunately suffer from occasional sciatic pain. Since a friend gave me samples of the Quantum Relief Strips I put a strip on my hip, on Saturday afternoon, it has been so comfy! I would love one extra-large strip to put from hip to hip!”  A.B.

“Never did I think I would be writing a testimony of this kind. On the weekend I had a terrible flu, body aches, fever, vomiting, sore throat, cold chills & feeling very Lethargic, I ended up in the ER for fluids due to dehydration. But last night at one point it felt like something was hanging in my throat after I swallowed, it was driving me crazy, I started to have a panic attack. I drank some lemon tea, sprayed some chloroseptic in my throat & sucked on cough drops. NO relief.  So I decided to take a piece of QRS and place it on the outside of my throat.             OMG!!! I was so shocked, not only did the feeling go away, I started to feel moisture in my throat that I was able to swallow. I believed it was dried mucus on my airway and the QRS responded not only as an expectorant, but also an analgesic I fell asleep. THANKS QRS”   Z.S.F.

“I used the Quantum Relief Strips at the first sign of childbirth labor and the pain- especially in my back- subsided dramatically.  It was my second baby and the baby came fast but the pain was greatly reduced due to the strips.  My mid-wives were so impressed they want to have the QR Strips available for all childbirth clients.” B.G.

The Quantum Relief Strips bring positive energy to the body.  Each strip lasts 48 hours and adheres to the skin so can be used on all body parts.  Here are ideas on where you can place the strip to benefit your body.

Balance your Chakras and Chi naturally with the QR Strips.

I’d love to share a full document on the Quantum Relief Strips and have a PDF file on how and why the Quantum Relief Strips work.           Email us and we’ll share with you.  info@DaveandJoy.com or call 802-846-7530.

I also did a You Tube Video A-Z talking about ways the strips helped people in over 50 ways.     https://youtu.be/bzlz6rwWiBo

If you LOVE natural products you’ll want to try the Quantum Relief Strips.  The cost in the USA is only $69.99 for a month supply which is less money than an hour massage.  WOW!

We’d love to hear from you.  Want to have a flourishing business sharing the Quantum Relief Strips and sharing Tavala?

Dave and Joy