Natural Solution Now Available for those Living with Pain & Discomfort

Quick question.  Do you know anyone who lives with pain or discomfort?

Would you say it hinders their quality of life?

Prior to the Quantum Relief Strips I really didn’t understand the scope of Chronic PHYSICAL PAIN world-wide. 1.5 Billion people or 20% of the population are living with CHRONIC pain and most have been told that there is no solution.  Also, according to some statistics, the pain relief industry is a $100 billion annual industry and growing.  Among this population are people of all ages- including children up to senior citizens.

Fast forward to Quantum Relief Strips, Dr. Min Soo Kim’s latest version! Now there IS a solution and it is all-natural with no contraindications…

For less than the cost of an hour massage, people in 27 countries now have the Quantum Relief Strips available to them. Easy, Simple, Affordable and they work.

To learn more about HOW and WHY the Quantum Relief Strips work email us at and we’ll share a PDF with you.  Fascinating technology and exclusive only with TAVALA.

How do you use them?  Simply put them ‘where it hurts’ or where you want to bring energy to your body.  


Order yours today– shipments overseas arrive within 3 days. message me for a full document on how and why they work. GREAT info to pass along to those you love and care about who live with discomfort/imbalance and need energy!

Due to the immense interest in the Quantum Relief Strips on a world-wide basis, we are looking for several leaders who’d like to open new markets around the globe.  Huge opportunity for leaders who are ‘hungry’ and self-motivated.  Please inquire to see if this is a good fit for you.  Confidential conversations promised….

Dave and Joy/ Global Leaders with TAVALA


FGXpress Power Strips for Shoulder Pain

FG Xpress Power Strips

Have you ever been in pain?  Has anyone you love been in pain?  If so, you will want to know about FG Xpress Power Strips!

I had experienced shoulder pain since April 2012.  One day (April 3rd) I woke up and my range of motion was limited and the rotator cuff area on my right shoulder was inflamed and in pain.  I don’t recall doing anything to injure my shoulder but I did have a discomfort that I have been pretty much living with until recently.  Nothing I have done over the year gave me lasting relief and since I don’t take OTC medication to dull the pain…. I lived with it instead.  Plain and simple- I thought this may be how it is simply “going to be”.  Perhaps because it wasn’t an excruciating pain, rather a dull ache, especially at night time or when I was active or lifting weights I stopped looking for “a cure”…..

…and then came the FG Xpress Power Strips!

ForeverGreen is a company I have been affiliated with since 2005- enjoying their FrequenSea with marine phytoplankton product, Pulse whole foods etc. so when I heard about these Power Strips I was intrigued…because all the products from this company are wonderful….but I didn’t order any right away.  I sat back…..

Then after reading testimonials from friends I know, as well as speaking with the CEO Ron Williams and hearing about his back pain GONE after using the Power Strips, I decided to try them for my shoulder pain.

I put on a Power Strip- placed it over my right shoulder area  late at night and went to bed.  I literally forgot about the patch since I didn’t feel it.  Then an hour later I realized, while in bed, that I was sleeping on my stomach for the first time in a year.  Hmmmm..  Interesting- and there was no pain in my right shoulder.  My arm also was positioned above my head- something I couldn’t do prior to the Power Strips.

Power Strips- with the word Love in many languages embedded ON the patch

I love the technology and ingredients of these Power Strips and am happy to answer any questions about the power stripsscience behind the Power Strips….but the main thing here is they WORK.  Quickly, Safely and are All Natural.  It’s something that you absolutely must experience yourself if you experience any kid of pain.  No one can describe them better than the person using them….which will become YOUR personal experience.  These Power Strips are available through a membership base.  You can order by going directly to or by calling 802-846-7530.



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Power Strips

Power Strips

Power Strips

Power Strips

Power Strips