TAVALA Offers FREE SHIPPING for Members Monthly Subscriptions


Monthly Order Subscriptions

There are so many reasons I am passionate about a company called TAVALA, but one of the newest additions we are excited about is that all members who have an active monthly subscriptions, (other companies often use the word auto-ship) will receive their monthly shipment free of charge, no matter the size of the order.  Tavala is proudly known as “The Subscription Box Company.”

  • No Fee to join
  • Same pricing for Customers and Members
  • Customer’s volume can count towards members qualification
  • New company with GREAT corporate leadership and opportunity for LEADERSHIP and quick growth
  • Tavala will not promote, sell or talk about any products that are not yet available and IN the warehouse, therefore focusing on product that ARE available now that people can order and enjoy!
  • Lucrative and easy to understand compensation plan…..and truly, the list goes on and on!

Currently there are 4 unique and innovative products available with Tavala and as new products are added you’ll see them added to the company website.  They will also have an EXPERIENCE PACK available on a monthly subscription that will grow in size as products continue to be added.    Today is Feb. 13, 2017, check for updates periodically at the company website:  www.Tavala.com.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions on our products or business.   We’re looking for leaders so if that is you, or you’d like to step into becoming a leader with us, please give us a call for a top position on our team.  802-846-7530

Dave and Joy