Gratitude – What you Appreciate, Appreciates

Have you ever found yourself feeling stuck or that feeling of not being able to move beyond where you are?  I have.

Like you can’t work hard enough to get out of it, or hard enough to create new empowering results and reaching your desires.  It’s where nothing works!


Perhaps a small shift will help.

In our daily striving to get somewhere else, we are effectively saying to the universe/God “If we would just get somewhere else, then we’d be happy.”

What if you won’t reach that place unless you’re happy.

Short video on breaking thru and allow God/universe to support you and your desires.


Add this for 5-10 minutes everyday and let us know your results!


What are you Appreciating today?


 Life’s a journey and when you include gratitude, every thing changes!  It’s as if that God/universe is conspiring with you now….


Join us on the journey and let’s have some fun!


Dave & Joy

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