Work with Dave and Joy in the Philippines

This is new news!  We will be launching a new MLM in the Philippines within the next 30 days.  We are already a success in 27 other countries and now we are pleased and honored to bring our team and company to the Philippines!

We are looking for a couple of powerful leaders who have the ability to head up their country for our team.   This is no small  task.  If you have a proven track record or know of someone who does, we would be honored to speak with them.  We are already laying the ground work for the Philippines and require the right people to drive this for themselves, their team and their country.

Here a brief overview of what we offer and a bit about Dave and Joy.  

We hope you are intrigued and want to learn more.

We look forward to a conversation with you.

Dave & Joy
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Tavala’s NEW Weight Loss Protein Shake- perfect companion to the TRIM

So you want to lose weight?  Have we got something for you!

Many people have had amazing results by drinking a product called TRIM, that boosts the metabolism, gives you more energy and focus, suppresses your appetite and reduces cravings and bottom line…helps you lose weight. 

The question on what to eat has come up often and we have a full nutrition and exercise guide available, but until recently, we didn’t have one component that we believe is beneficial…and that is a SHAKE.

People are on the go and want a QUICK meal or snack.  The new shake from Tavala serves that purpose.  Mix with water or your favorite ‘milk’ whether it be dairy or almond milk, etc. and you are guaranteeing your body great nutrition that supports a healthy diet.

The base of the shake is a vanilla flavor, which makes it a great shake both alone on its own or add other flavorings like the bru (dark organic cacao for those chocolate lovers)

Many people are even adding and enjoying the TRIM powder in their shakes for a 1-2 punch!  Energy and nutrition and great flavor.

If you are like the majority of health minded people I know, you already are enjoying a nutritional shake, and if so- why not change to the WEIGHT LOSS PROTEIN SHAKE that will give you nutrition, balance your digestive system with probiotics and digestive enzymes AND support weight loss?

Not currently drinking a shake or think it will be boring?  I’ll bet we can change your mind.  Soon there will also be flavor packs available that you can add to the shake for a delicious flavor.  Think orange creamsicle flavor! or how about the juice of a ripe Georgia peach?

Interested?  Simply visit and place your order today.  We LOVE feedback and want to know what you think.   The cost of the shake is only $54.99 for a 28-day supply. (drinking 1 shake per day)

Looking to earn additional income?  Join us for free as a member.  Whether you’d like to earn an additional $300-$500 per month part-time or $3,000-$5,000 per month… the culture and products at Tavala make it simple and fun to do.

Dave and Joy/Global Leaders with Tavala


Where Else Can You Get These Things?

Thinking about earning more income this year? $$$

Achieving goals that may have eluded you in the past? 

Yearning to be a part of something that helps you grow as a person?

Yearning to be a part of something bigger than yourself?

Interested in meeting new people, going new places? Building long term relationships? Being challenged into growing your leadership skills?

Considering joining a network marketing company?  If so, good for you!  Here is a great question to begin with:  Its a question with only 2 words.

Where else? YES, these are the two words.          1.  where        2. else

The answer to this question in our opinion is no where else, other than MLM or network marketing.

  • Where else can you find community and culture?
  • Where else can you find a 4 year career plan to retire, with residual income after 4 years, if you choose to?
  • Where else can you find and experience personal development and education?
  • Where else can you be a part of a group of people who celebrate your success even if you are not directly on the same team?
  • Where else can you get into business for less than $100 and earn income your first week?
  • Where else can you join for FREE (Tavala doesn’t charge members to join) and with some effort on your part, begin earning income your first week?

All of the above are things that you receive by being part of a network marketing company.  There are many great companies and products out there so make sure the one you choose speaks to your heart and soul and is financially solid AND that you connect with the person who shares the opportunity with you. Make sure their culture is one that resonates as well.

What else to look for in a network marketing company?

Make sure you join with a team where leadership and support is in place.  It will shave years off your learning curve if you join with a team like the one we provide at Tavala.

Interview your potential up line and side-line team members before you join.  Ask questions of the corporate team as well.  All-in-all educate yourself so you are solid in your decision.

Enthusiasm- one of my favorite words and emotions actually ends with IASM or I am sold myself!

OK, so you have determined that your company is legit and ready to go forth.  Be coachable and trainable and be good at the game of ‘follow the leader’.  Enjoy your experience and share what you learn with your team.  Inspire others and be inspired.

Looking to join Tavala?  We have many reasons we feel our team is the team to join.

We look forward to meeting you!  Either way, we can be friends and champion each others successes in this amazing industry.

Dave and Joy/Global Leaders with Tavala