What are YOU here to do? offer? 6 min. audio on HEALTH that is superb!

At a very young age I knew the subject of HEALTH, which included both NUTRITION & FITNESS was my path in life.  As early as 2nd or 3rd grade I remember thinking becoming a gym teacher would be fun!

Professionally my most satisfying ‘jobs’ were in those arenas…starting with my first job out of college (UVM) working at Planned Parenthood as a “Health Care Worker”…  from there it went:  (you’ll see a common thread throughout)

To Membership Sales in a Health Club …

To being a Network Marketer in a Nutritional company

To being a Personal Trainer & Transformational Life Coach

                                                                    To a Manager of a Gym…and Back to Network Marketing!

  Face it, Ladies, Networking- or getting paid to virtually “share” (products, services, motives, recipes etc.) is in the DNA of most women.  It comes easy, is simply is what we do naturally- whether we get paid or not.

Health also equals BALANCE….anything ‘out of balance’ where you become fanatical and ignore several other areas to perfect another, is not health.  How do I know?  I’ve been there.

INSTEAD…..Strive for a balance of Healthy Living-

  • Think Positive
  • Eat Better
  • Exercise Often
  • Feel Good


Today I was listening to an audio clip from one of my mentors in the industry of Network Marketing, Richard Bliss Brooke, and the topic was ON HEALTH.  I couldn’t have said it better myself. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  You can also learn more about his teachings, books and seminars at www.BlissBusiness.com

Click Here to Listen     http://e.lifematters.net/audio/Day6wMusic.mp3#28028222

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Dave and Joy/Global Leaders with Tavala





Why we Donate a Portion of our Customer Tavala sales to WEA?

Early August of this year I was telling my daughter- in- law, Brie,  that we wanted to create a foundation or better yet,  work with an organization that was already doing great things in the world, in particular for women and families, and their communities.

She told me of an organization called WEA and immediately after speaking with one of the co-founders, we made the decision to support this organization – Women’s Earth Alliance.

In their own words….

“When women thrive, communities and the Earth thrive. This is one of our core beliefs here at WEA because we’ve seen it to be true. Want to know more? Take a look at this short video sharing more about our origin story and vision for the future!”  Check out this brief video.  If you are moved, you too can make a donation, either a one time donation OR simply purchase any of our TAVALA products as a customer and we’ll make a 5% donation. (www.DaveandJoy.com)


We are thrilled to have decided mid-August to donate 5% of all our TAVALA customer sales (including sample sales) to WEA (Women’s Earth Alliance) and later this week we’ll tally up all our customer sales from mid-August and make our first of many on–going monthly donations.

So if you are considering purchasing any of TAVALA PRODUCTS (Trim, Control, Bru, Quantum Relief Strips, Alert and Snooze) know that when you order through our website (www.DaveandJoy.com) that a portion of your sales will help this organization and women and communities in need.  We AND WEA appreciate your support.







Doing great things, one person at a time…because we can.  Tavala has made if possible to contribute in ways that touch our hearts and this is just the beginning. 

We are all connected and in this together!  If you’d like to contribute to WEA in any way we’ll help you make the connections to make that happen.  If you’d like to donate your TAVALA customer sales to WEA or another organization that touches your heart, let’s talk.  802-846-7530

Once again, your customer purchases through our Tavala website will help Women’s Earth Alliance.  www.DaveandJoy.com

Dave and Joy/Global Leaders at Tavala




Joy’s Journey Day 6 & 7: BIKRAM YOGA and more….

Today is Day 6 today…. Is it true what they say that the more you do something each and every day, the easier it is to become a habit?  I am pleasantly surprising myself with my new habit of 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga daily- but that is the kind of person I am once I make a decision.

Whoever said it was going to get easier as time goes on was inaccurate with my 6th day of Bikram.  I am not sure but I felt more exhausted than days 1 and 2.  I think my body needed a break…. my muscles and tendons, etc. had been taxed thoroughly the 5 days prior and I simply had not recovered enough.  BUT YOGA is your ‘own practice’ so you DO what you can and do it right and you STILL receive the benefits.

BE-DO-HAVE… BE in harmony with yourself and intentions, DO-whatever it takes…HAVE the results you are looking to attain.  In my case, it is a healthy, limber, strong and lean body!  I want to age gracefully!

True, day 6 was very physically (not so much mentally) tough, even keeping my arms straight and to the front or to the sides took a lot of effort.

When I left the yoga studio my husband looked at me and thought he’d literally have to carry me to the car.  I was POOPED beyond pooped.  I had NO EXTRA energy to draw from.  My body was depleted….

That is OK.  I did it, felt like my own HERO or should I say “Shero“.SHE/HERO….

I hydrated myself after I got home and ate a huge bown of chilled watermelon.  Watermelon never tasted so good in my life!

I promised myself to take it easy for the rest of the day to rejuvenate my muscles and be strong for Sunday, my 7th day in a row.  As it turns out, Dave and I played a little tennis later in the afternoon- which was good for two reasons.  1) cardio 2) to confirm that Bikram Yoga is what I am supposed to be doing.  Tennis HURT MY ELBOW, which was beginning to heal with yoga.  hmmmm.

DAY 7-
I was excited for the day and for Bikram Yoga.  I KNEW from when I woke up that my experience would be different and more energized than yesterday.  Heck, when I lift weights at the gym, some days I am far stronger than others.  Same here with Bikram Yoga.

By the way I highly recommend trying this form of yoga – it is not only a physical but it is a spiritual experience.

One week ago today I went into the studio after the morning class to see if I wanted to begin Bikram on Monday.  Both Jess and Alex were there and welcomed me.  I then emailed the owner Marla to introduce myself.  By having a positive experience with staff from ‘before day 1’ made a difference for me as I was more than nervous to take up Bikram.  I was downright petrified!  I highly recommend Queen City Bikram Yoga.  Thus far, I have experienced 4 different instructors in the 7 classes and they are all wonderful!

Today was a wonderful class.  Was it challenging? Heck yeah, but I love a challenge!

Was it therapeutic? You bet.  My tennis elbow has improved considerably since working with these stretches and poses.

I put on a new Quantum Relief Strip again today and I really do believe it helps with balance and bringing energy to the parts of my body needed most.  For me, it is the right forearm, right elbow and the dan tien area below the belly button.

Am I going to continue?  You bet.  Next Saturday, due to a previous schedule, I won’t be able to do class so I may double up on Friday….we’ll see.

My goal, is day to day, I’ll decide- but ideally 30 classes in 30 days.  As long as I don’t let myself down I am happy.

If you take Bikram Yoga I’d love to hear from you.  Does it continue to challenge you but also give you rewards that you couldn’t see on days 1-7? 

Joy Edgerton




I am blessed that I work for myself (Thank you TAVALA) and can take Bikram yoga whenever I wish.  Luckily at Queen City Bikram Yoga there are many options with times.  This past week I did all the classes at 9 am but may change it up this week.

Feeling blessed! 

Be, Do, Have or How to get what you want!

Creating a new result seems daunting, almost a bit confusing.  Like where to I start, I’ve never done this before….  how can I move from here to over there, to a new result…

The concept is called Be, Do, Have and it can show you the simplest path to where you want to go!


You can apply the Be, Do, Have principle to any area of your life!  The reality is you CAN get there from here, but the path in not from the old mindset that got you where you are now.  You need to carve out a new mindset, one that includes and comes from where you want to go.

*Caution*  This is not “fake it till you make it”   Be, Do, Have is identifying the person you intend to become and taking the actions as that person.  It’s not magic, nor does it happen in an instant, but if you are consistent, you will see a change in what you notice in the world (you’ll start seeing little sign of what you want showing up).  Usually with in a few days to a week.  Stay consistent each morning, you don’t have to share this with anyone else……  but give it 21 -28 days and you will be excited by what is coming into your world!

Let me know if you have any questions.  I love helping people break thru to their next level!

Dave & Joy

More Magic of Melatonin

Do you want to lose body fat, gain muscle, all without going on any kind of a diet?

Dr. Deborah, MD shared this blog with me today. (www.DrDeborahMD.com)

Her blog made me think of sharing a couple of products we use that aid with sleep and also for weight loss and boosting the metabolism.  Have you ever heard of Tavala’s SNOOZE? or Tavala TRIM?

“If you are a postmenopausal woman, I have a tip for you. In a properly designed (randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled) study (link is external), researchers studied 81 postmenopausal women for one year. Those who took melatonin (1 or 3 mg) nightly had some remarkable changes at the end of a year. Although their weight stayed the same, as well as their BMI, they had valuable body changes nonetheless. (Of course, this just proves why pounds and BMI are terrible markers of health.)

The women taking melatonin lost body fat and gained leaned muscle mass, probably because of a 21% increase in adiponectin, the fat-burning hormone. Not a huge amount, but statistically significant. Sadly, there was no real benefit in overall metabolism (glucose, insulin levels), but hey, you can fix those things in other ways. The magic of melatonin has just become more magical!”

So how does this tie into SNOOZE and TAVALA TRIM?

This is where I want to interject that Tavala recently released a micro-mist product called Snooze with melatonin.  The melatonis is delivered within seconds via a pharmaceutical grade micro-mister ‘inhaler.’  (Tavala has exclusive world-wide rights to this technology)

To address weight loss Tavala’s flag ship product called TRIM is the ideal companion.  It boosts the metabolism, gives you energy, helps suppress the appetite & cravings and helps you lose weight.  By far the best weight loss thermogenic product I have ever seen.  TRIM is available in both a flavorful berry drink or in capsule form.  One a day and you’ll love all the above benefits, including the weight loss benefits that most people want.

The Snooze is only $49.99 for a 28-day supply and the TRIM is only $64.99 for a 28-day supply.  The cost for customers is the same as the cost for members!  To order yours today go to www.DaveandJoy.com

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