The Tavala Opportunity- Vemma Law Compliant- and why we joined NOW!

The Tavala Opportunity- Vemma Law Compliant: and why We joined NOW!

One thing we know for sure….

No one wants to waste their time or spin their wheels with any company- network marketing or otherwise, that is not creating the income-or lifestyle they want and deserve!  So True, and also no one wants to put effort into a business only to have it shut down because of non-compliance, similar to what happened with the company called VEMMA. 

We recently resigned from a company we had been for over a decade because we found something REALLY exciting and worth pursuing on a full time basis…. and quite different from anything else out there in the VAST ‘MLM WORLD’.  We jumped in with both feet and are already creating a fast building team with others who are ready for something new in the MLM Industry.

Tavala launched in 2016 and caught our attention for the following reasons:

  • Proven leadership, we have worked with several of the corporate staff and believe in their abilities, their straight up honesty and the financial backing of the owners.
  • Great Products….both existing and what is coming in the very near future.
  • Product coming in January similar to, but superior to, a product we have built a business with in the past.
  • Sampling company.  When new products are available, Tavala wants you to experience a sample to decide if you want to become a customer or a member.  As a member you get 5 FREE samples to share, and after that, your samples are available to purchase for only $5.00 each.
  • The above makes it an easy company/product/opportunity to share….after all, most people do not like to sell OR be sold.
  • Same price for Customers and Members
  • No Joining Fee
  • Tavala will NOT promote or sell any products that are not yet on the shelves in their warehouse
  • Tavala promises to under promise and over deliver!
  • Tavala is a “subscription” business.  You don’t need to be on an autoship and can still earn income by customers volume.  (In their own word:  Tavala is the direct sales subscription box company who offers unique, consumable products that are good for your body, both inside and out. A personalized subscription box where you choose the products, the price point, and how often you receive them.)
  • 20% on the first level payout, 25% on the second, and 25% on the third level.  It is a uni-level compensation plan and is set up so people can have fast success.   Go to for details on the company and compensation plan. 

We are looking for LEADERS to run with….beside, not in front or behind.  If you are open and looking for a new home, and want to explore Tavala with us, give us a call to schedule a time for an authentic conversation to see if this is the right fit for you.


Dave and Joy


AND for FREE 7-Day Samples of our Tavala Trim product, visit