What is Tavala Trim-Does it Address WEIGHT LOSS?

What is Tavala Trim-Does it Address WEIGHT LOSS?

I am typically quite skeptical about any product that claims weight loss, but I did agree to personally try a 7-Day sample of Tavala Trim.  Part of my openness was trusting my friend who shared the product, as well as it being December.  After all, most of us would agree that the holiday season can be challenging with additional sweets and treats being plentiful!  So I said YES to a FREE 7-Day Sample.

According to Tavala, Tavala Trim is a Breakthrough weight loss formula that will boost your energy and metabolism.  Other benefits include: ENERGY, FOCUS, APPETITE SUPPRESSANT, METABOLISM BOOST, DECREASE IN CRAVINGS and WEIGHT LOSS!

Sold as both a stick pack drink and capsule form, taken once daily in the morning

  • In addition to Tavala Trim, Tavala is in various stages of development with other great products, coming soon!
    (email us at info@DaveandJoy.com to get on our list of what is to come!)

    Like most nutritional products, results vary.  I have dozens of testimonials I have received in the past 3 weeks, from people have experienced their first 7-Days of TRIM and I am very impressed with the feedback.  They vary, anywhere from 3 pound weight loss in 7 days to 12 pound weight loss….
    But don’t take my word, or others experiences – give it a try yourself.  Customer and Member pricing is the same, only $64.99 for a 28-Day Supply.
    You can place your order at www.DaveandJoy.com
    Dave and Joy



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21 Responses to What is Tavala Trim-Does it Address WEIGHT LOSS?

  1. vickie laird says:

    Would love to try!!!! Could a person get pills and the drink? Like could you split it up?

    • workwithdaveandjoy says:

      Hi Vicki,
      Thanks for your interest in Tavala Trim.
      You asked if one can take both the TRIM drink and capsules? Are you asking about TRIM Capsules? Or the Tavala Trim and CONTROL Capsules? If you are looking to get the quickest and BEST weight loss I’d take both the TRIM drink or capsules and the Control. This way both product addresses different aspects of weight loss. I generally suggest the drink and it tastes great.

      You buy just the TRIM for only $64.99 or the CONTROL for only $49.99 or both together for $$109.99.
      Call if we can assist you in any way. You can order direct at http://www.DaveandJoy.com or we can help you place your initial order. 802-846-7530

      What is your weight loss goal? Joy

  2. Nicole says:

    I am drinking the stuff and I don’t feel know different why is that is it because I’m taking depression medication

    • workwithdaveandjoy says:

      hi Nicole, Feel free to call us (802-846-7530) or get back to the person who introduced you to the TAVALA TRIM. We don’t diagnose or comment on anything medical, as we are not physicians, so perhaps you ought to talk to your doctor about your situation. If you have not already given the TRIM a full month I’d give the TRIM a full 28-days for best assessment. Also the CONTROL, another TAVALA product works hand in hand with the TRIM and may be a product to accelerate your results. Good luck.

  3. Deanne Brown says:

    I would like a free 7 day trial.

    • workwithdaveandjoy says:

      Hi….and thanks for your interest. I did email you info on the TRIM, including testimonials people have shared with us. Please give us a call at 802-846-7530 re. samples. Thanks JOY/DAVE

  4. Angela Rizzolo says:


    • workwithdaveandjoy says:

      Good morning,
      Weight fluctuates, especially for a woman so I am sure you are not doing anything ‘wrong’. Keep your water intake high, and if weight loss is a big motivator, I’d add the CONTROL product which will accelerate weight loss, help you avoid plateaus and goes at ‘weight loss’ different than the TRIM. The combo of Trim and Control is only $109.99 for members and customers. Trim is $64.99 and Control is $49.99 so there is a savings. That is my best advice given what you wrote.


  5. Jennifer says:

    Would like to try sample!! Ty

    • workwithdaveandjoy says:

      hi Jennifer
      Please give us a call at 802-846-7530 regarding the opportunity to try samples of the TAVALA TRIM.
      Thanks for your interest, you will love the taste and the results. More energy/focus, boost the metabolism, weight loss and suppressing the appetite and cravings. A great product. You can also order direct, http://www.DaveandJoy.com An entire 4 wk. supply costs only $64.99 for both customers and members.


  6. Wanda says:

    Is there a particular eating plan for the program?

    • workwithdaveandjoy says:

      Hi Wanda,
      We have FOOD guidelines for getting the best results with the TAVALA TRIM but at this time there is not a ‘set’ diet. Many people have lost 10,20, 30 and even 50+ pounds simply adding the TRIM to their morning ritual. the TRIM suppresses the appetite, and reduces cravings, which helps you eat less calories. Also it boosts the metabolism so you are burning more calories, even at ‘rest’.

      For more information call us at 802-846-7530 and we can assist you. You can place your order at http://www.DaveandJoy.com – the cost for customers is the same for members, only $64.99 plus S/H and tax.

      We look forward to you enjoying the TRIM and working together.

  7. Mary says:

    How long to receive product once ordered

    • workwithdaveandjoy says:

      HI Mary, Once your order is placed TAVALA ships it the same day, USPS, often within 2-3 hours of the order reaching the company. If it is placed late on Friday afternoon or the weekend it will be shipped on Monday. If you want product soon you can call us and we can help you place your initial order 802-846-7530 or go to http://www.DaveandJoy.com 🙂

      This Monday is a holiday so if you want the product soon, order today!
      Joy info@DaveandJoy.com

  8. Donna says:

    Hi! Can be order at ebay coz i wanna try the sample trim drink.thanks..

    • workwithdaveandjoy says:

      Hi Donna,
      The TRIM can not be purchased on EBAY but if you want a sample go to http://tryoursamples.com/trimsample/
      Follow the link til the end, set up a free customer account (don’t buy anything) and when you do we’ll get an email with details on where to send your sample. You’ll love the results….

      PS Where do you live? we could potentially connect you with a person on our team who may live near you. CAll us at 802-846-7530 if you’d like or email us at info@DaveandJoy.com

  9. Uessenia says:

    I’m interested in trying a free 7 day trial!

    • workwithdaveandjoy says:

      Good morning and thanks for your interest in trying the TAVALA TRIM. We offer 3-day samples….honestly on day 1 you’ll know if you like it. day 2 will confirm your decision. Day 3 – well, you’ll be sad you didn’t start with a full 28-day supply for only$64.99 as when you begin it, you’ll want to cont. the boost in metabolism, enjoying more energy etc.

      http://tryoursamples.com/trimsample/ follow through til the end and once it is completed we’ll get notification and a sample will be sent. This is for people who have never tried the TRIM before….. 1st timers. 🙂

      Thanks, Joy and Dave

  10. Mary M Martin says:

    Can I get a sample pack first

  11. Selina Guerrero says:

    Once I place my order how long does it take to receive?

    • workwithdaveandjoy says:

      Hi Selina, Generally speaking once you place your order (M-F) they ship within an hour to two hours. Depending on where you live, I’d expect your product to arrive in 3-5 days. If you need help placing your order I’m happy to. JOY

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