11 Responses to What is TAVALA TRIM & What is IN it?

  1. Charlotte Harper says:

    I see the drink has citric Acid in it, does the pill?

    • workwithdaveandjoy says:

      I’ll email you the ingredients of both the TRIM drink/capsules. 🙂 JOY

    • workwithdaveandjoy says:

      I just looked at the info sheet on both the drink and capsules of the TRIM and see there is no citric acid in the capsules. I emailed you a full info sheet on it. Please confirm when you receive it.

  2. Antonique Major says:

    Can people take this while breastfeeding?

    • workwithdaveandjoy says:

      In response to your message via our http://www.WorkwithDaveandJoy.com site. I sent you the ingredients of Tavala Trim in an private email It is always advised to speak with your doctor or lactation coach re. adding anything new to your diet if you are breast feeding. While TRIM is great for weight loss and boosting the metabolism, like many supplements, it is not recommended for pregnant or nursing moms. Having said that, I do know some women who are adding the TRIM while still breastfeeding.

      Call us with any other questions. 802-846-7530.

  3. Tonya says:

    I want to join.

  4. Ruthmae Felton says:

    Am interested in joining your team!

    • workwithdaveandjoy says:

      We’re excited that you want to join our TAVALA TEAM. It is the fastest growing team and we have everything in place for brand partners success. Please call us at 802-846-7530 or go to http://www.DaveandJoy.com to become a brand partner.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

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